Why hire a doula?


a doula is labor support.

Doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support to mothers at the end of pregnancy and during childbirth. Doulas support the mother and her birth partner, encouraging the partner to be involved and demonstrating comfort techniques. Doulas have been there before and can help diminish fears during childbirth, answering questions that arise. Doulas are a familiar face and provide continuous support for the mother throughout the entire birthing process.

doulas are proven to improve labor outcomes.

Mothers who labor with a doula are 39% less likely to have a c-section, 35% less likely to rate their childbirth experience negatively, and 15% less likely to need forceps or vacuum extraction. Mothers are notably less likely to need pitocin, use any pain medication, or have their babies admitted to a special care nursery.

doulas are not just for natural childbirth

While many women who have access to doulas do not need an epidural, they are a beneficial addition to the mother's birth support team however she chooses to give birth. Doulas are advocates for patient rights and can help mothers and their partners work through benefits and risks of different procedures, allowing families to make informed decisions surrounding birth.