birth services

The birth package includes a third trimester pregnancy visit to discuss how you and your partner are handling pregnancy, discuss options for end of pregnancy and birth, and craft a Birth Plan. We'll talk through any questions, concerns, or fears you may have. Once you hit 36 weeks of pregnancy, I am on-call for you, available to answer any questions day or night. When you go into labor, I meet you at your home or at the hospital/birth center when you feel it is time for me to join you. My job is to make your labor as calm and enjoyable as possible, utilizing labor massage, breathing exercises, and various other techniques for relaxation and pain relief. After your baby's birth, I assist with the baby's first feeding. Contact for prices and to schedule an interview.

postpartum services

Postpartum visits are typically 1 hour in length and include lactation services, postnatal counseling, and care for mother and baby. Postpartum visits are made by appointment.